Court Ordered Substance Abuse Assessment Services

Court Ordered Assessments

Court ordered assessments are more detailed and specialized to accommodate the Judicial system. Often times Judges and attorneys need specific documented information to comply with the Court System.

I have over 25 years in the field of addiction treatment and over 20 years working with Domestic, Juvenile, Municipal and Common Pleas Courts in the state of Ohio.  I currently supervise treatment services for participants in 4 drug court models.  I have researched and set the standards for detailed and comprehensive treatment in lieu assessment summaries. I believe you will be satisfied with the detail of my assessments and find they meet Ohio’s standard of requirements for treatment in lieu.

There are two types of court ordered assessments that you may request. General Court ordered assessments and treatment in lieu of conviction. if you are unsure of the type of assessment you need please contact your attorney.


Assessment cost is $200 which includes:

  • A face to face interview (approx. 1hour).

  • S.A.S.S.I questionnaire (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory).

  • Writing a comprehensive summary of the assessment and any recommendations. (approx 1 hour)

  • Providing the client and/or referral sources with the letter.

  • At this time I am accepting Cash or Charge for assessment.

  • Court attendance due to a subpoena will be an additional charge of $ 75 per hour.

  • For more information please contact me.


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